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About the artist Pat Derby
I’ve been selling my work since I started doing pastel portraits on the boardwalk in Wildwood New Jersey in 1966 at the age of 18.Since then I’ve had a boutique, painted pet portraits, painted women’s clothing and finally settled into handpainted personalized baby clothing because onesies never go “out of style”.

I currently sell my custom designs at the Orange County Marketplace in Costa Mesa, California.

I’ve been at this location for 25 years and have a strong customer base. I find that many of my “new” customers used to wear my designs when they were little and are now purchasing for their own children.

I try to come up with cute sayings to really make the items special.

* A little tip: Some folks put the outfit on the child’s Teddy bear after he or she outgrows it.

* If you are interested in portraits please email or call me for details

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About Steve Furlan
Steve has been working with me at the market place for 15 years and takes care of the burning and selling of the personalized CD’s. With 3 different albums for 3 different age groups, He keeps busy playing samples of songs for lots of children.
He really enjoys the expression of glee when the child hears his name repeated throughout the songs.